A smart way to manage

acupuncture document

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  • You can use this system on different computers at different locations to record your patientsâ€?information
    This system can help you to complete a case report during the consultation with the patient, usually with a single click, you can complete. Sometimes you just need to input few words to complete. Whenever the insurance company or the patient requests a case report, you can print out and submit a high-quality report at any time.


Say good bye to

hand –writing

  • Using this system, you just need to input individual’s name, then with several clicks, you can complete a medical record, now you can say good-bye to hand-writing work.
    Hundreds of hand-writing will be replaced by a single click.





A smart way to manage acupuncture document.

Less payment, better practical value

Hundreds of hand-writing will be replaced by a single click.



  • Saving time: When you have mastered the operation of this system, you could finish one case report within 3 minutes, 5 times faster than hand-written cases.

  • Saving money: paying only $11.99 per month, you can easily use the computer case report writing services, if you work 20 days a month, then the cost is only $0.6 a day. If you have 15 patients a day, you spend only $0.04 for each patient; if you choose UNLIMITED services, the average per case costs less than $0.04.




  • Saving paper: Each case must have at least 2 to 3 sheets of paper, if there are 500 new patients a year, plus each follow-up visit, at least whole box of paper needed. Some practitioners use copier to copy standard report, the cost of that would be greatly increased.

  • Saving space: When the acupuncturist practiced for a few years, his case reports could occupy several shelves, which require space, if you use this system, and then you need only a space of USB disk.

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