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  • You can use this system on different computers at different locations to record your patients information
    This system can help you to complete a case report during the consultation with the patient, usually with a single click, you can complete. Sometimes you just need to input few words to complete. Whenever the insurance company or the patient requests a case report, you can print out and submit a high-quality report at any time.




Fee schedule



Take a risk-free 15-day trial and you'll see that tcmfiles is good way to give your patients better care..




    Reducing one visit to the restaurant brings you a whole year’s convenience on paper work.

  • Plan one $11.99/M
    Plan two $128/Y
    Plan three $218/2Y




  • Take a 15-day no-risk test drive with full access. It's completely free without obligation.

  • This system has great practical value. You can purchase it when you are satisfied after trying this system first.

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